new album in the works!

PARADOX, the band around singer/guitarist Charly Steinhauer, is one of the best and most respected Thrash Metal forces of the European scene.
And 2012 the band will deliver another masterpiece, that should be released by the end of the year.

The just completed line-up reads as follows:

Charly Steinhauer (vox, guit)
Christian Muenzner (guit)
Olly Keller (bass guit)
Daniele "Evil Ewald" Buld (drums)

New guitarist Christian Muenzner (Obscura) comments:

"I already applied for Paradox 10 years ago, even before I was in the band Necrophagist. Logisitically this is even the closest band to where I live, we're not even 45 minutes apart, so this makes a lot of sense ;) Been a fan of that band for years and always wanted to play thrash, so here we go ;) The new songs sound fucking amazing, I'm stoked to be a part of this!"

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