Stahlmann - Co2 - August 28th 2015 - Fourth studio album by Germany's gothic/industrial masters!Leaves' Eyes - King Of Kings - September 11th 2015 - A breathtaking Viking Saga! The symphonic metal masterpiece!Ohrenfeindt - Motor An! - September 18th 2015 - German hard rock at its best!21Octayne - 2.0 - September 25th 2015 - high-class 21st century rock music, feat. members of Joe Perry Project, Rhapsody and ex-Axxis!Emil Bulls - XX - October 30th 2015 - Pyogenesis - A Century In The Curse Of Time - August 14th 2015 - After 13 years, Germany's cult band is finally back!U.D.O. - Navy Metal Night - July 31st 2015 - THE voice of German Metal meets a Navy orchestra! An extraordinary event, captured on DVD/2CD, BluRay/2CD and 2-VinylGraveworm - Ascending Hate - June 19th 2015 - The forceful return of the dark metal institution!Borealis - Purgatory - June 19th 2015 - Oustanding dark melodic metal from Canada! An essential release for fans of Evergrey, Kamelot und Nocturnal Rites!Burning Point - Burning Point - June 12th 2015 - first album with new vocalist Nitte Valo (ex-Battle Beast), contains 5 brand new songs and 6 re-recorded Burning Point classic tracks!


Welcome to the AFM Records Streetteam page. Do you enjoy the AFM roster and do you love music in general, do you want to spread the word and passion and do you want to be part of a professional music industry team? Do you want to help promote your favourite artists in order to give them the respect they deserve? If you are aged between 16 and 35 years, enjoy chatting, participate in online communities or attend concerts and festivals, then send an email to now.
What will be your task?
You will be chatting in social communities about our bands, distribute flyers at concerts and festivals, hang posters in clubs, bars, tattoo shops and so on...
How will you be payed?
You will have free access to concerts of our bands, you will meet the bands backstage, you will receive goodies of any kind, CDs, DVDs or T-shirts for special activities.