BRAINSTORM - Firesoul - Power Metal - April 4th 2014 - Back to the killer sound of Soul Temptation and Liquid Monster! Available as CD, 2-CD Digipak, Fanbox and Vinyl!HELSTAR - This Wicked Nest - US Style Power Metal - April 25th 2014 - new studio album by the Houston, Texas-based cult band! Available as CD and black Vinyl!ELVENKING - The Pagan Manifesto - Folk Power Metal - May 9th 2014 - The Pagan Legion is back! Folk power metal at its best!SINBREED - Shadows - Melodic Speed Metal - March 28th 2014 - The new force in Melodic Power/Speed Metal feat. members of Blind Guardian!CLAWFINGER - Deafer Dumber Blinder - 20 Years Anniversary Box - Rap Metal - March 7th 2014 - Deafer Dumber Blinder (as the title implicates) gives you more: revised artwork, 2 bonus CDs and a live DVD - all added to the classic album.IRON SAVIOR - Rise Of The Hero - Power Metal - February 28th 2014 - A full dose of first-class heavy music, Power Metal to the max.VANISHING POINT - Distant Is The Sun - Melodic Metal - February 21st 2014 - Masterly 5th album by Australia's finest! Prog/Power meets AOR! feat. guest appearance by Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica)!GOTHMINISTER - ReReleases - Gothic/EBM - February 21st 2014 - Gothic Electronic Anthems comes as CD, Anima Inferna as CD and Ltd. Fanbox.WORDS OF FAREWELL - The Black Wild Yonder - Progressive Death Metal - February 28th 2014 - The album is a real treat for all fans of Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium, Scar SymmetryLAKE OF TEARS - By The Black Sea - Dark Rock/Metal - January 31st 2014 - First LIVE release ever by one of the most unique Dark Rock/Metal bands of the scene. DVD/CD Set plus elaborate bonus material!


Welcome to the AFM Records Streetteam page. Do you enjoy the AFM roster and do you love music in general, do you want to spread the word and passion and do you want to be part of a professional music industry team? Do you want to help promote your favourite artists in order to give them the respect they deserve? If you are aged between 16 and 35 years, enjoy chatting, participate in online communities or attend concerts and festivals, then send an email to now.
What will be your task?
You will be chatting in social communities about our bands, distribute flyers at concerts and festivals, hang posters in clubs, bars, tattoo shops and so on...
How will you be payed?
You will have free access to concerts of our bands, you will meet the bands backstage, you will receive goodies of any kind, CDs, DVDs or T-shirts for special activities.