Memorial Roots (Re-Rooted)

Release: Sept. 16, 2016

“Memorial Roots” has been the somehow “different” album in the catalogue of German power metallers BRAINSTORM. While delivering high-class songs as always, it mainly was the quite unusual mix that gave some fans a hard time to get into it. Even though it was by full intention of the band back then, “Memorial Roots” sounds different. Looking back now, maybe a bit too different… at least that’s what the band and their record label thought, so the idea was born to release a completely revised version of the album. The band’s longtime sound engineer Achim Köhler (who wasn’t involved in the recordings of “Memorial Roots” back then) was assigned to do a remix of the album. The result: a completely new album – finally sounding BRAINSTORM from start to finish! For the first time ever, all songs of the “Memorial Roots” sessions (11 on the standard version + Digipak/Vinyl/Japan bonus tracks & the previously unreleased “Forsake What I Believed (edit)”) are featured on one CD. “Memorial Roots (Re-Rooted)” comes with reworked cover- and artwork design in a new Digipak configuration.

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