Live: Before The Aftermath

Release: Jan. 28th, 2022


Sweden’s EVERGREY have seen it all: within a quarter of a century, the band led by mastermind Tom S. Englund has released twelve studio albums - many of those considered to be groundbreaking. The band hit a first peak in 2004 with the concept album „The Inner Circle“, a critically acclaimed masterpiece which features songs such as „A Touch Of Blessing“ and „More Than Ever“. No surprise that riding high on the success and with five studio album already gracing the band’s catalogue, the time was right to release a first live document. So a year after, in 2005, the kings of dark melancholic arts came up with the extensive „A Night To Remember“ live album/DVD. It should remain EVERGREY’s sole live release – until now!

„Our fans keep asking for another live album since a long time“, Englund states. „We never thought or planned it would take almost 17 years, but it’s a matter of the right timing“.

Even though other obligations and timing in general undeniably were factors which came into play, it almost feels like coincidence that EVERGREY just now finally drop the long awaited new live album. Continuously belting out amazing, unique music and climbing the ladder step by step, the band‘s latest studio album „Escape Of The Phoenix“ became the most successful in their storied career. Especially since reuniting in the magic Englund-Niemann-Danhage-Zander-Ekdahl line-up in 2014, EVERGREY are on fire and „Escape Of The Phoenix“ feels like the logical conclusion and well deserved success, two dozen albums into their career. A milestone release like that is usually succeeded by extensive touring activities, and EVERGREY would have been more than happy to heed the call, but there are mountains even the Swedish progressive force can’t move: such as a worldwide pandemic.

2020, and after much deliberation, EVERGREY decided to stream a concert live from their hometown Gothenburg. "We want to bring some music and positivity back into our lives, because we miss playing live, and we miss playing music for YOU. Playing is our life, and it has been for quite some time“, comments Englund. This event resulted in almost two hours of pristine live material in amazing quality, which made it impossible to not consider an official release. And luckily, this is what the fans get now: „Live: Before The Aftermath“ comes as BluRay/2CD set and tripple Vinyl. This rollercoaster ride through the discography of one of the most unique metal bands is a must-have for all fans!

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