Leaves' Eyes

Fires In The North

Release: Oct. 07, 2016

After celebrating the biggest success of their career with ‘King Of Kings’, symphonic metal band LEAVES’ EYES parted ways with her vocalist Liv Kristine. A suitable replacement was found in London-based Finn Elina Siirala, who now gives her official release debut with LEAVES’ EYES on the ‘Fires In The North’ EP, after the ‘Edge Of Steel’ video with her exceeded 500.000 videos on Youtube alone within only a few months. ‘Fires In The North’ is a stunning, majestic track – following the band’s tradition of only releasing high-class material. An acoustic version of the new hit song, plus 3 re-recorded tracks from “King Of Kings” (now incl. Elina on vocals) perfectly round off this EP release.

For more than a decade now, LEAVES’ EYES have been setting world history to music and undeniably, by doing so, have raced to the top of the symphonic metal tree.
With their latest monumental epic ‘King Of Kings’ (released in September 2015), the band further justified their leading position as a compass in the genre and re-awoke the thousand-year legend of Norway’s first king, ‘Harald Fairhair’, in the process. Again LEAVES’ EYES proved their amazing talent of capturing sagas and legends of the past and truly making them come alive in the here and now. ‘King Of Kings’ became the band’s most successful album so far, entering the Top 15 of the album chart in Germany and additionally achieving chart success in numerous other countries.

LEAVES’ EYES has always been a band of superlatives: the international group has toured on five continents, playing concerts in more than 50 countries. Their live shows are spectacular events with breathtaking stage scenery, including a Viking ship or even the “Swords In Rock” monument from Stavanger (Norway).


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