Zwei Fäuste Für Rock'n'Roll

Release: June 23, 2017

They’re back – and this time around they’ve really gone the whole hog. "Zwei Fäuste für Rock’n’Roll" is the title of OHRENFEINDT’s seventh studio album, produced by the tried and tested Roggenrohl team, a.k.a. Olman Viper and Chris Laut. As always, the rock act from Hamburg’s St. Pauli district keeps its promises: this phat rock’n’roll recording goes maximum overdrive from the start. No velvet gloves here – OHRENFEINDT really go for it full throttle until their listeners can’t help but bang their heads with big, cheesy grins on their faces.

The opener "Deine Mutter singt bei Lordi" leaves no doubt about the direction this awesome threecylinder engine straight from the Reeperbahn is taking: straight ahead, and no holds barred! In quick succession tracks such as "Starkstrom-Baby" and "König und Rebell" follow pounding numbers with attractive and bullet-proof titles such as "Dreh Dein Radio auf" or indeed "Zwei Fäuste für Rock’n’Roll". And even the things that inspire the group from Hamburg's number one entertainment district are revealed: "Koks und Noten" – only that the coke is black and imported from the Ruhr coalmining region.

Somehow everything has remained the same, and yet it’s always new again. OHRENFEINDT haven’t reinvented the wheel, but the very special brand of music by these three maverick musicians which they lovingly, alas untranslatably refer to as “Vollgasroggenrohl”, has remained and continues to be age- and timeless. They club you over the head with their high-spirits-in-four-chords numbers regardless of the consequences, with a phat wink on the verge of insanity, with both fists up to their elbows in a rock’n’roll thunderstorm: our neighbours always listen to OHRENFEINDT at high volume. Whether they want to or not.

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