A Kingdom To Disappear

Release: Feb. 24, 2017

Anyone who is trying to apply the mechanisms of a successful career in Heavy Metal to PYOGENESIS is in for a huge surprise. The Stuttgart based Metal act wholeheartedly renounced every single business rule from the very start, defied conventions and grinningly granted themselves absolution. They launched a career that was destined to fail on paper. Yet, these reckless Swabians quickly turned into one of the most exciting, most innovative and most legendary bands to emerge in the nineties.
Someone who is looking for salvation in the antics of Swedish Death Metal (1991), who is en passant inventing Gothic Metal (1992) only to embrace stunning Rock harmonies (1995) and tear it all down again at the brink of the new millennium is not making music for fame and money.
PYOGENESIS truly did what they wanted to do. And, in 2002, went into anonymity after delivering six stunning records and becoming the pioneers of an entire generation.
In 2015, they triumphantly returned with “A Century In The Curse Of Time”, which entered the german album charts at #45. The silence was broken. “I wrote songs more or less constantly but simply wasn’t ready for a release”, says the vocalist and guitarist Flo V. Schwarz. “We went away on our own free will and returned likewise when the time was ripe.” Now, with “A Kingdom To Disappear”, which will be released only 18 months after “A Century In The Curse Of Time”, we get a sequel to the Victorian trilogy they started with the last album. “Both are in the same musical vein, both are united by the same background of social changes in the 19th century”, Schwarz states. “This record embraces each and every of the band’s creative eras.”
Fans couldn’t be happier with an announcement like this. Like it’s the most ordinary thing to do, “A Kingdom To Disappear” merges blast beats, melancholic grandeur, symphonic elements and proper Metal craftsmanship into a  cohesive masterpiece, adding some intoxicating new flowers to the exuberant PYOGENESIS flora. It’s not the nineties anymore, to be sure. However, fearless pioneers like PYOGENESIS emphasize that this is no
reason whatsoever to stop being innovative. 

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