Serious Black

Vengeance Is Mine

Release: Feb. 25th, 2022


1. Rock With Us Tonight 
2. Out Of The Ashes
3. Fallen Hero 
4. Senso Della Vita
5. Ray Of Light
6. Soul Divider 
7. Tonight I'm Ready To Flight 
8. Just For You 
9. Soliders Of Eternal Light 
10. The Story 
11. Queen Of Lies 
12. Album Of Our Life
13. Alea Lacta Est 



One of the new songs on Serious Black’s upcoming studio album ‘Vengeance Is Mine’ is called ‘Album Of Our Life’ and hits the nail on the head in several respects. On the one hand, the international power metal band surrounding bassist and founder Mario Lochert has succeeded in creating what is probably the most powerful and imaginative work of its career so far, with loads of great guitar riffs, grooving rhythms and anthemic melodies. On the other hand, the album’s lyrics venture into territories previously uncharted by the band. Lochert: “This time, I have allowed more insights into my emotions and private life than ever before, i.e. into how I think, how I feel, how I am, and how difficult it can be to keep a band going when you yourself aren’t well. The lyrics on ‘Vengeance Is Mine’ reflect the past four or five years. This, of course, has had an impact on the songwriting, which has become even more intense and emotional.”

Serious Black’s mastermind is referring to an album that is scheduled for release on 25 Febuary 2022, but will provide plenty of appetisers beforehand in the shape of four lead singles. 17 September 2021 will see the arrival of ‘The Story’, including an official lyric video, followed just under a month later on 15 October 2021 by the second single including the official music video. The third song, supported by another lyric video, will arrive at the physical and digital stores on 2 December 2021, before the main single ‘Out Of The Ashes’ (also including an official video clip) will be out on 7 January 2022. The full new album will be available exactly three weeks later.


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