Dark times. A storm’s brewing. The Fenriswolf howls, the Æesir alarm to go into the the last decisive battle , Ragnarok approaches to devour the world. But ASENBLUT, the powerful metal armada, is willing to set against. They are back, in company with another beastie longplayer, a worthy successor of "Berserker".

The Melodic Deathers attaching to the predecessor, down-the-line, fast, melodious but still with brutal ironess, they call the hunting horns for "Die Wilde Jagd". The band has used the past years to harden and to gear themselves up to counterpose the twilight of the gods with their multi-layered metal. This time a great value is set upon to tell stories, which originated in classical mythology, combine with catchy chorus passages to take the listener on a journey into a fantastic world.

Anyone who suspects another Viking metal band, which is bandying around with runes and pathos, is doing wrong by Frontman Tetzel and his vasals. From the beginning of their existence ASENBLUT intertwine Black Metal, Thrash, melodic Death Metal and traditional Heavy Metal saber-rattling into a melodic, clinking, unspoilt soundscape, without denying their reverence for bands like IRON MAIDEN or IMMORTAL. In addition to that the lyrics, which are solely in German, give their very own nature to every single song.

"Die Wilde Jagd" was produced over a period of 1.5 years, occasionally parallel to the recordings of the EP "Legends". The ambition was to create a worthy successor for "Berserker" (2016) and ASENBLUT have mastered this task brilliant. Furiously galloping, confidently stomping and elegiacly striding they present themselves in 2020.

Fans of BLIND GUARDIAN, AMON AMARTH or EQUILIBRIUM should be thrilled by the release. Jörg Unken (Soundlodge Studios) is responsible for the massive soundwall.

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