Beautiful Sin

There is no need to introduce Uli Kusch (Masterplan, ex-Helloween) any more. For several years he has been one of the few really influencing characters in German metal scene. And though, or should we say because of that, there is so much to say about him. Currently it is a story that has already begun back in 2002 – without him knowing about it these days. Uli met a Belgian singer called Magali Luyten who wanted to record an album with her band. He agrees to produce the demo-CD for that band, but the CD never gets released by any label. Nowadays this band is history.

Uli himself is thinking about doing his very own thing next to Masterplan in the meanwhile. Something unique. This idea gets clearer in autumn of 2004 and Uli starts talking to Magali once again – this time about his own plans and not about producing. A concept, some songs and ideas are worked out and they form “The Unexpected” after a longer while. And as bright and shining this title may sound the music is as well. Without any doubt this release is a brand new debut album. A debut, that connects the experience Uli has gained over the years with the powerful freshness of Magali and the high level playing skills of their bandmates. Charismatic and full of uniqueness Magali `s voice finds a very own path – far away from the typical „metal band with female vocals“-thing. It finds a path that leads into a dynamic and very personal, charming sound.

Uli `s und Magali ´s bandmates are also worth to talk about: next to Pagan ´s Mind `s Jorn Viggo Lofstad (guitar) and Steinar Krokmo (bass), coming from Uli `s new chosen home Norway, there is also Kusch `s Masterplan-mate Axel Mackenrott (keyboards) with the band. The vision of BEAUTIFUL SIN therefore is everything else than a short termed solo project. It is a full, grown up and serious band that presents Uli and Magali as the creative minds. A band that now is causing some fresh moments on the music market with „The Spark Of Ignition“.

So here we are with a powerful, traditionally metallic and though fresh and new and unique album that combines the different artistic characters of the band members in a very harmonic way. An album that is ready to convince and that, even though Uli Kusch is a founding member of it, does not make you miss Masterplan at all. Melodic, powerful metal with a beautiful female voice will be lifted into a new dimension with this album of BEAUTIFUL SIN.

Sin can be soooo beautiful…

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