In 2016 Hans Ziller made a pledge to make BONFIRE great again. He recruited two new faces to the lineup of BONFIRE. The remarkable German vocalist ALEXX STAHL an exceptional singer and outstanding entertainer. Alexx has brought new life to the songs and returned Bonfire to The Deutschland Rock Legends as they have been know for the past 30 years. Rounding out the new additions and the rhythm section is the incredible powerhouse drummer Tim Breideband, one of Germany's most wanted drum talents. Tim brings the Fire back in BONFIRE with his rock solid, powerful and energetic performances. With BONFIRE veterans guitarist Hans Ziller, guitarist Frank Pané and bassist Ronnie Parkes the addition of vocalist Alexx Stahl and drummer Tim Breideband. BONFIRE now have the fire and energy they were so well known for and truly make them a force to be reckoned with once again.

With their heavy touring schedule, over 80 shows in 2016, BONFIRE are at the same time back in the studio and recording the new album "Byte the Bullet" recorded in their hometown of Ingolstadt Germany at Flatliners studios. Byte the Bullet is set to be Released March 24, 2017. 12 rocking new tracks plus two additional bonus tracks. It is a powerful album, bringing the band back to it's roots. Guitar driven rock with great melody and vocal hooks. With the incredible new lineup "Byte the Bullet" will prove to be an outstanding album. 

2016 and 2017 will prove to be outstanding years for BONFIRE. If their incredible performances and spectacular releases was not enough, there is another first on the horizon. Not just for BONFIRE but also Germany and perhaps the world!

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