Speaking of the most important releases of the 1990’s, CLAWFINGER’s debut album “Deaf - Dumb - Blind” is mentioned very quickly. The young Swedish band started their career with a classic, an album that was influential for generations of musicians following. Its combination of Metal/Rock, electronic elements and aggressive vocals in Rap-style made CLAWFINGER stand out from all competitors. The album’s hit singles, especially “Nigger” and “The Truth”, had serious impact on the alternative club scene and are celebrated tracks until this day.

As time goes by, “Deaf Dumb Blind” was released 20 years ago! Time to polish this jewel of music history! So “Deafer Dumber Blinder” (as the title implicates) give you more: revised artwork, 2 bonus CDs & a Live DVD, lots of unreleased and rare material - all added to the classic album.

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