Iron Mask

IRON MASK, the neoclassical power metal masters and one of the world's leading neoclassical and most original acts, returns after a four-year break.
Founded almost 20 years ago as a side project to Dushan Petrossi's main band MAGIC KINGDOM, IRON MASK, named after the mysterious prisoner from Alexandre Dumas' novel "The Man in the Iron Mask", have matured into a sovereign band and a big-shot in the international metal scene. Even if the line-up carousel revolves around mastermind and string wizard Petrossi, the Belgians continuously deliver great albums, impressing with excellent guitar work, catchy vocal hooks and unforgettable songwriting, reminiscenting of bands like RHAPSODY, DIO or HELLOWEEN. After the album "Diabolica" released in 2016 and a tour that lasted until 2019, including headlining Argentina in 2018, IRON MASK are finally entering the studio again and using the opportunity to present a singer who couldn't be a better fit. Mike Slembrouck, also Belgian and a huge fan of the band for a long time, takes over the vacant job behind the microphone.

Dushan managed to write his best material ever and the twelve songs have that perfect combination of pure metal, easy-listening feel with progressive touches, beautiful orchestrations with virtuos playing and catchy melodies.

Even in these strange times, the band succeeds again to record with full-on passion, energy and fire. Petrossi states enthusiastically about the recordings for the new album, which will be titled "Master Of Masters":
“All stars aligned like never before, I managed to write the best material of all time for us. Everything went so easily and smoothly, it was directed by the gods themselves. Not to mention the face to face vocal recordings that breathed unique life into these twelve new tracks. After almost 20 years, seven albums and with fans all over the world, we finally feel like a real band. And the best is yet to come. ”And it figures that the best will definitely have something to do with breathtakingly played, energetic hard rock.

Of course, the successful collaboration with AFM Records will continue and on December 4th 2020 IRON MASK will finally be back on the track with brand new songs. "Master Of Masters" was produced in the Iron Kingdom Studios in Brussels by Petrossi himself.


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