"We thought that this time around we needed to make a statement, making the album on our own..."


We have talked with a young but really prominent band from Sweden DYNAZTY recently signed to AFM. The sixth studio effort of DYNAZTY called “Firesign” is yet to come on September 28th and the guys answered some questions about this work and the band...

U.D.O. have just released their so long anticipated new studio album “Steelfactory” after three years of touring with DIRKSCHNEIDER project...

It took quite a long time to release the new album “By Blood Sworn”, like, ten years...

Congratulations with the new album! I can’t stop listening to it. I suppose that the title “Raised On Rock” means that the album is dedicated to those who grew up with good old rock.

Your new solo album “Fearless” saw the light of day in April. It’s already your third solo record, what’s new for the listeners this time?

The main difference of this record is that compared to the previous ones… Well, the first two records were more experimental. They were collaborations with different singers, with different producers and different players.

Hi guys! You’ve just released your new album “Snakes & Ladders”. Could you please reveal its main concept? How much is it connected with the Indian board game?

First of all, congratulations with the new Leaves’ Eyes album! Like your previous works, it is dedicated to Viking tales, Nordic history and legends. What makes you interested in this particular period of history?

After releasing their new album Phoenix in September, we recently met Nils Eriksson from NOCTURNAL RITES and talked to him about signing with AFM, their new album 'Phoenix' and the future plans for the band!

Lately we met Alex Staropoli of Rhapsody Of Fire just in time before their (supporting) tour with Orden Ogan takes of. He talked to us about their re-recording Songs for "Legendary Years", member changes and writing new material.

At our label night at this year's Rockharz Festival we had the opportunity to talk to Urban breed of SERIOUS BLACK about their upcomming album 'Magic'.

At our label night at this year's Rockharz Festival we had the opportunity to talk to one of our longest partners Udo Dirkschneider about how his DIRKSCHNEIDER Project evolved and how the future will look like!