UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER // official interview 2017 // AFM Records

Maybe my first question is quite common, but if I’m not mistaken, in the beginning Dirkschneider tour was planned for 1,5-2 years and then you supposed to come back with U.D.O., but it continues longer than it was supposed before…

Udo Dirkschneider: Yes… In the beginning it was planned that we would do one tour. Or rather it was even planned that we would do just 10-15 shows, but the whole thing became really exploding! Well, anyway, we would stop DIRKSCHNEIDER tour this year after America, but there were so many people telling “ah, you didn’t play this song, you didn’t play that song, why you don’t do another tour with a different setlist”… So, then we said: “ok, we can make a nearly new set-list and then we’ll do the second part of DIRKSCHNEIDER tour”. And yes, we will do this second part and then we will finish. So, it will be the whole European tour again, next year we will play in America and at a couple of summer festivals. And it will be the end of DIRKSCHNEIDER. Then we plan to make a tour with a new U.D.O. album. I really want to finish with it, honestly. Well, as I always say: if ACCEPT split up or whatever, of course I will play live such songs as “Balls To The Wall” or “Metal Heart” again. But as long as Accept exists, people can go to ACCEPT shows and listen to those songs there. Now we are already working on the 16th U.D.O. album, so I think we have enough U.D.O. material to play at the shows without ACCEPT songs.

I’ve heard that there are many people who prefer U.D.O. and now they are waiting…

Udo Dirkschneider: I know, yeah, for those lots of people who are asking about U.D.O., when we do an album of U.D.O. I can say that it will happen next year. We are working on it. I can say that we have already done 60 per cent of the whole album. And since we have time, we do it easy.

Is it not difficult for you to make an album of U.D.O. and to have a tour with DIRKSCHNEIDER?

Udo Dirkschneider: No. I mean we had a break after American tour and then we stayed for two weeks in a rehearsal room, we started composing. Everyone had some ideas and then we were collecting all of them, we were starting slowly to prepare everything, to arrange the stuff, so it was easygoing.

At the end of the new DIRKSCHNEIDER DVD when it is shown some backstage footage, you used a song of U.D.O. “I Give As Good As I Get”…

Udo Dirkschneider: Normally, it was planned that we would do ‘My Way” (Frank Sinatra’s song), but the problem was that we didn’t get the rights for it from the publishing. So, then we used “I Give As Good As I Get”. I mean, it fits also the whole thing.

It’s just not an ACCEPT song…

Udo Dirkschneider: Definitely!

It even sounds like a connection between DIRKSCHNEIDER and U.D.O. as preparing of your comeback!

Udo Dirkschneider: Yes! I mean, in this tour we start telling people that we’re slowly coming back with U.D.O.

Well, last year your released “Live – Back To The Roots” audio live, this year you release this DVD, but usually bands release the same show as a live CD and DVD, but you used two different shows slightly less than one year apart.

Udo Dirkschneider: The problem was that first it was planned to release both, live CD and DVD of the same show, but that footage was so horrible that we said “no!” I was not really happy. I mean, I want to give people a good quality stuff, so we had to do the whole thing again. And the record company decided to do the new live CD again. Now we recorded DVD in Czech Republic in a big hall with a big stage and it looks good. It’s definitely the right thing now.

Why did you choose Czech Republic and Brno to make footage?

Udo Dirkschneider: It was like the hall was perfect for it, we could organize things there really well, we know the promoter in Czech Republic and it was the easiest thing to do. The rest of possible options were not good, too small to do it.

And I’ve heard that the public there is really wild!

Udo Dirkschneider: Yes, it’s right! Also, the public is really good. But mainly it concerned the technical part, having an opportunity of building up a really big show, not like it was in smaller clubs or whatever.

What kind of surprises do you prepare for the second part of DIRKSCHNEIDER tour? You mentioned almost completely new setlist…

Udo Dirkschneider: Yes, I think it will be a real surprise. And there will be some songs that people don’t expect. But I don’t want to reveal it, because it’s a surprise!

But one surprise is already revealed. I mean, now you play with a new guitarist, Bill Hudson, what can you say about him?

Udo Dirkschneider: It was not so easy to find a new guitarist but we are very lucky. We have a good friend in America and when we mentioned that we were looking for a new guitar player, she came up with Bill. Then he came and he fitted perfectly in the band. As to the old one, Kasperi, I can’t say anything bad about him… but he spent with us 4 year and didn’t fit as a person in the band. Musically I have nothing bad to say, but personally it was not so easy, let’s say. Sometimes it was really hard to communicate with him, he didn’t talk... but, what can we do? Nothing! (laughs).  

Is it difficult to work with your son in one band? I mean that normally parents expect a lot from their children and sometimes it’s tough?

Udo Dirkschneider: No, this is easy. I mean, when we decided to do this, ok, we were like: you’re a member of the band and if we have to talk about some private stuff, we do it in private. As a member of the band, I’m really proud to have him, and since he grew up with this kind of music he’s also really proud to do it. There’s nothing special because I’m his father, we have a lot of fun. He also does a lot of organization work and everything is fine!

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