The Other Son Of Odin: BROTHERS OF METAL Share Brand New Single!

“Black Out” is the new BILLYBIO video single which drops today. Full album titled "Leaders And Liars", out March 25th 2022 on AFM Records!

Finnish Melodic Death Metal Force MORS PRINCIPIUM EST Unleashes New Music Video!

Psy-Core Metal Masters DYMYTRY Unleash Wicked Music Video For "Never Gonna Die"!

Gus G. Shares "Night Driver" Music Video From Latest Solo Album!

LORDI releases final, digital album of their spectacular "Lordiversity"!

The New BILLYBIO video single “Turn The Wounds” implores listeners to not “let your actions be guided by fear.”

CABIN BOY JUMPED SHIP Unleashes The "Demons" In Colossal, New Album Single! Sentiments out on May 27th via AFM Records!

J.B.O. Releases Brand New Song & Lyric Video, from Upcoming Album "Planet Pink"!

Melodic Metal giants SERIOUS BLACK share colossal new music video from upcoming album "Vengeance Is Mine"! The band will also fight for their tour dates in February.

New digital single “Day Off Of The Devil”+ Release of new digital album “Humanimals” of the album collection “Lordiversity” (boxset of 7 albums) 

New single and title track “Planet Pink” released. The pink cherry on top of their (probably also completely pink) cake of absolute nonsense

New digital single “Demons Suprerme”. “Lordiversity” (boxset of 7 albums) and special Christmas single “Merry Blah Blah Blah” released just shortly

Czech Psy-Core Metal Force DYMYTRY Premieres Brand New Video For Blistering Album Title Track "Revolt"!

LORDI - Monstrous pre-Christmas season: Album "Abracadaver" released as a digital single - Christmas single "Merry Blah Blah Blah" appears physically

CABIN BOY JUMPED SHIP Unleashes First Single "Survivor" From Upcoming New Album “Sentiments”!

SERIOUS BLACK Premieres Brand New Song & Video From Upcoming Album "Vengeance Is Mine"! Coming out on February 25, 2022 via AFM Records!

Swedish Metal Force MANIMAL Releases Epic Album "Armageddon"!

Vinyls of “Quantum Leap” out now / New music video “Chronesthesia” released!

LORDI  Christmas romanticism with a twist: "Merry Blah Blah Blah" is a different kind of X-mas carol. New, seven-album "Lordiversity" will be released on November 26th