J.B.O. - „Planet Pink“, a brand-new studio record is coming

Yes, it’s time again. The Fun-Metal band from Bavaria, better Franconia, prepared a new album and will release a first fresh single on October 15th. Read more about it below. Let us focus on the band and new album first – „Planet Pink“.
The 4 musicians in pink, who celebrated their 30th anniversary with the last record “Wer lässt die Sau raus?!”, are an essential part of German metal scene. Everyone knows them and most of them appreciate their music – this sympathy may result from the fact that you can as well headbang and train your risible muscles during their concerts or while listening to their records.
Various evergreens and numerous newer releases are getting the crowds excited, whether it’s one of their famous metal-cover-songs, or an original composition. And their disciples are thankful and make them enter the German charts regularly. The predecessors "Deutsche Vita" and "Wer lässt die Sau raus?!" hit  #3 respectively #9 in German album charts. On top of that, 27 mio plays on Top 10 tracks on Spotify only speaks for itself. Fact is, there are a lot of people, who will highly appreciate the arrival of a new album. Let’s buckle up for a 14th album by J.B.O.

But what about the new single: Everyone knows John Miles' exceptional evergreen "Music". In typical J.B.O. style the German Metal masters made this song to their own, which do not lack the energy and emotions of the original and just create a new metal-classic: "Metal Was My First Love". This is the first single from the upcoming album "Planet Pink", released on March 18th, 2022.
Singer and guitarist Vito is very much looking forward to the first release in quite some time: „Finally! On October 15th is time again: we are releasing the first single of our upcoming album "Planet Pink", which is about to hit streets in 2022. The title of the single: "Metal Was My First Love". Yep,, it’s a cover song. Perhaps some of you might just switched on the “stereo” in your head. We have to note, that the release of this album had to pushed back due to „logistical reasons“ to March 2022. – mainly because of the massive pre-roll for vinyl pressing.
But for now, let get excited about the arrival of the new single and the associated new videoclip! "Metal Was My First Love" will possibly really struck a chord with many people!

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