J.B.O. - Metal Was My First Love

Ok, let’s be honest: Has mother earth has ever been cozy or even friendly place?
Pandemic, ecological disaster, rising beer price, mankind can only turn to escapism. So, enter the space plane and fly to the stars, where “Planet Pink” will appear on March 18th 2022
J.B.O. are well-known Pros for high-quality escapism for the last 30 years. Awards and chart entries in the Top Ten have been gathered on their way, and “Planet Pink” will be no exception.
Today the band is releasing their first single of the upcoming longplayer – “Metal Was My First Love”. A fantastic interpretation of the globally famous song „Music“ by John Miles. The original had several chart entries in 1976 and is a essential part of pop music since then. J.B.O. convert that orchestrated track into an Guitar-army, supported by Vito’s collection of classic guitar amps. Though the track is sung in English, the pink Franconians are not planning to become international superstars. Well, maybe… a little bit.

And the videoclip for that track is also highest quality. Let’s see who’s able to get all the right references right? Have a look here:

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