1st song of the new album & tourdates!

"Burn Up The Night", out on September 23rd (EU) / September 30th (US), is the fourth album by KRYPTOS, featuring amazing 80’s throwback cover art by Mattias Frisk, renowned for his stunning work with occult rockers Ghost.
The album is packed with steely riffs and twin guitar melodies straight out of the glory days of 80’s metal and the NWOBHM movement. With a rasping vocal attack and a gritty, street-ready production, "Burn Up The Night" is the ultimate sound of battle jackets, spikes and leather. It’s old school or no school!
2016-07-15 DE Neukirchen Vluyn, Dong Open Air
2016-07-16 DE Hamburg, Apes Enraged Festival
2016-07-28 DE Brandenhörner Kirchen, Headbanger's Open Air
2016-07-31 DE Hamburg, Wacken Open Air Warm Up Party
2016-08-03 DE Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
2016-08-04 DE München, Free and Easy Festival
2016-08-05 DE Marburg, Marburg Kulturshock
2016-08-07 DE Köln, RheinRiot Festival
2016-08-08 CH Pratteln, Z7
2016-08-10 DE Cham, LA
2016-08-13 DE Leidersbach, Sam's Hard'n Heavy Open Air