LAKE OF TEARS - announce new album

Finally, after 10 years, we are very happy to announce a superb, brilliant new album from our Swedish Dark Rock pioneers LAKE OF TEARS. The album, so long awaited by the fans, has come to an end and has more than paid off with "Ominous". We are sure that they will exceed all our expectations and that the release of the new album will mark a milestone in the success story of Lake Of tears.

The new release of LAKE OF TEARS is the perfect soundtrack for short, grey days and long, cold, dark nights. After nearly a decade of silence, Daniel Brennare, head and heart of the Swedish pioneers of dark music, finally reveals his sinister world of thought.

“Ominous” will be released on the 19th February 2021.

This is not a record where you should primarily listen to the individual songs. Instead it is a whole, where the artwork and songs are puzzled together.

1.At The Destination
2.In Wait And In Worries
3.Lost In A Moment
4.Ominous One
5.Ominous Too
6.One Without Dreams
7.The End Of This World
8.Cosmic Sailor
9.In Gloom

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