LETZTE INSTANZ burns for love – and we admire them for it!

The latest piece by the sextet is a rousing, powerful work that makes the heart of every “Brachialromantiker” beat faster. Above all, it focuses on support, trust and unconditional love in the usual LETZTE INSTANZ charm.

The six guys from Germany combine emotional depth with intense sound experiences and so create their very own world, in which it is easy to get lost. The video for “Du Bist Nicht Verloren” also impresses with its minimalism. It gives sound and lyrics the necessary space to fully develop. Get a picture of it here:

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“Du Bist Nicht Verloren” is not only the band's newest masterpiece, but also announces the final sprint for their new album “Ehrenwort”.
"Ehrenwort" is brutally and socially critical as usual. The incomparable facets of the band are revealed to the listener on 13 powerful and sensitive songs. Holly: "For ‘Ehrenwort’ it was our premise to go back to the roots. At the same time, we wanted to stay true to our credo 'Brachialromantik' - I think we succeeded and did that pretty well.”
Apart from this new approach, “Ehrenwort” is bursting with hits. After all, the band knows like no other how to make their trademarks shine through catchy song structures:  The record is bursting with emotion, as it proves, for example, in “In Deiner Spur”. In addition, powerful elements that have been woven together with a lot of depth and sophistication into very intense tracks.

Never before the band was so on point, never before did those unparalleled vocals put the listener in such an intense grip. Because in contrast to their previous output, LETZTE INSTANZ has tried to match each song’s attitude vocally, which leads to a fantastic listening experience.
Now, after more than two decades of exciting band history, LETZTE INSTANZ is on the verge of the climax of their work. With an album that gives courage and hope in uncertain and troubling times. After all, this is “the most hopeful album the band has ever produced.” They promise this. They give us their “Ehrenwort”.

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