LORDI - new single and ghost train

Screaching towards Halloween, LORDI brings with them what is probably the most gruesome Halloween news of 2021: the Finnish ESC winners from 2006 (“Hard Rock Hallelujah”) now have their own ghost train!

All aboard The LORDI Ghost Train and experience gruelling terror in the truly unique LORDI style that is featured in the new music video for the bands 3rd single from the upcoming album “Lordiversity”.

The video, written and directed by Mr. Lordi himself, who was also responsible for the special effects, took place in that very same ghost train and can be viewed below.

From spring 2022, The LORDI Ghost Train will roll through Finland as a part of the country's largest touring carnival Tivoli Sariola.
“The ghost train is the park's original ride from Tivoli Sariola”, reveals Mr. Lordi. “It got an all new design, completely branded on us. She was quasi lordified."
It is a great honour for the musician from Rovaniemi in northern Finland. "No other rock band on this planet has had its own ghost train!"

The music video, in which the train of horror can already be seen, is the back drop for the song "Borderline" from the bands new album. The word "album" is definitely an understatement regarding the latest release by LORDI:  On November 26th 2021, the band will be the first in music history to release a set of seven seperate studio albums of new music! This bold statement is titled “Lordiversity”.

These seven albums are essentially the missing recordings on which the last album “Killection” was based on. "Killection" was a concept album by LORDI that brilliantly envisioned the greatest hits of the monster rock band as if they had existed since the early 70s. Two years after this "Best Of" compilation, "Lordiversity" delivers the imagined back catalog to join the bands legacy.

Mr. Lordi explains: “In the week of March 2020 after our tour had to be cancelled, I thought I would have to use this additional time that is available to me. It quickly became clear that the time was perfect to start planning another album, even though “Killection” was not even three months old at the time. Then I realized, however, that there couldn't be anything more boring than making a regular LORDI album. I had really enjoyed writing, recording and producing the different styles for “Killection”, but the idea of simply composing a second part of it also struck me as extremely boring. But since "Killection" was a fictional album based on a previously non-existent fictional back catalog of music, I had the idea: The only thing that could top "Killection" would be to record and publish the back catalog."

"Skeletric Dinosaur", "Superflytrap", "The Masterbeast From The Moon", "Abusement Park", "Humanimals", "Abracadaver" and "Spooky Sextravaganza Spectecular" all appear on the November 26th release. The complete work is called “Lordiversity”. Monster songs for the monster within us all!


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