LORDI - Day Off Of The Devil

With six weeks since the physical release of their latest project ”Lordiversity” and but a mere three weeks since their latest single ”Demon Supreme” - Lordi is now back with another single, this time… in a different style, one might say.
The new single, named “Day Off Of The Devil” finds its influences in 70s Hard Rock. With the roots found in the early works of legends such as KISS and Alice Cooper, Lordi doesn’t simply reproduce - but rather take it and make it their own, not to say the least with the unique voice that sets Lordi aside from the rest.

And if that wasn’t enough for you - Lordi is also releasing another album from ”Lordiversity” digitally - ”Humanimals”.

Set in 1989, the album takes us back in time to an era that was dominated by a mindset “the bigger the hair, the better” and ”the bigger the choruses the better”. This AOR / hair metal inspired album will most definitely make you wanna break out those spandex pants you KNOW you have hidden in your closet. Admit it. You do.

Order “Lordiversity” as 7-CD boxset and as 7-Vinyl boxset in three different color editions: https://afm.fanlink.to/LORDI_Lordiversity

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