MANIMAL - "We are very honest with ourselves, and we make music we love to hear."

Wise words from Samuel Nyman, the voice behind Swedish power metallers Manimal on the eve of completing the band's fourth official album, Armageddon. As expected of a band that claims Judas Priest, King Diamond and Queensrÿche as major influences on their sound since Day 1, the new record is a high energy, in-your-face salute to the music that inspired Manimal's formation 20 years ago. From the aptly titled lead-off single "Forged In Metal" to the scorching album opener "Burn In Hell“. 

„Burn In Hell“ will be the release of this week. As usual, the band spread the contemporary Power Metal over the world. But they are much more than that! Convince yourself of the diversity of MANIMAL:

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