ORDEN OGAN: “Come With Me To The Other Side” (feat. Liv Kristine) lyric video!

German power metal force ORDEN OGAN will release their highly anticipated new studio album “Gunmen” on July 7th. The upcoming album’s third single is “Come With Me To The Other Side”, which features former Leaves’ Eyes/Theatre Of Tragedy frontwoman Liv Kristine as guest vocalist. A lyric video for the song is available now.

"When whe had just finished the intro for "Come With Me To The Other Side", we immediately felt that it needed a fragile, angelic, female voice to bring it to full bloom and capture the song’s atmosphere in a perfect way. Of course we thought of Liv right away and were happy that she confirmed right away. When she came to my studio and sang her parts, she even exceeded our expectations”, vocalist /guitarist Seeb says. “Funny note: in a very early stage, we even considered making “Come With Me To The Other Side” a pure ballad – well, for just about 3 seconds”, he grins.

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