German-based melodic power metal act Serious Black, who lately released their much acclaimed, chart-breaking new album Vengeance Is Mine, has announced an even of a different kind. A world champion vs. a powerful voice; light heavy weight Shefat Isufi vs. Serious Black vocalist Nikola Mijic! Safe the date, April 14, 2022, and watch the ominous trailer here:

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Serious Black’s new album, Vengeance Is Mine, was released on February 25th, and has turned into a prime example of a deeply melodic yet dynamic metal album. Tracks such as 'Tonight I'm Ready To Fight' showcase the band’s most powerful, emtional and imaginative work to date, Vengeance Is Mine unleashes razor-sharp guitar riffs, grooving rhythms and anthemic melodies. The album is available as Vinyl, CD and Digital formats via AFM Records at THIS LOCATION!

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