U.D.O. - releasing new single "Prophecy" including offical music video

"Game Over!" - it says in U.D.O.'s new album, releasing October 22nd.

The title of the bands new studio album, around rock icon Udo Dirkschneider (original voice of the cult band Accept,) has become a statement that has a lot to talk about. A topic of conversation that will probably also be provided by the new single “Prophecy”, including the video that has now been released.

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U.D.O. looking deep into the abyss of humanity. How far can a wish go? And can you really wish for anything? We live in a world in which you can do almost anything for money. But where is the limit to what can be bought with money?
The video for the song speaks a clear language. It was filmed in an SM club near Karlsruhe and is visually devoted to the question of whether important limits are sometimes overlooked in our (affluent) world - out of greed, out of selfishness, out of the belief that nothing is impossible.
Dirkschneider stands for clear, straightforward statement. “If humans don't rethink some things, it could have drastic consequences,” he says. The whole album “Game Over” is  the realistic, sober observation of an artist who has seen the world more intensely than hardly anyone else. Born in Solingen, he has been on tour around the world for over four decades. He traveled to Russia at the time of the Iron Curtain, gave concerts at an altitude of over 4000 meters in Peru and experienced the planet and its inhabitants many times more privately than anyone would do as a normal traveler.
Humanity with its often (self-) destructive nature preoccupies him.
However, “Prophecy” is not only a promising harbinger of the new album in terms of text and content: the song also makes it clear musically where the journey is going this time. Crashing riffs, precise grooving basses and a driving heaviness dominate the songs. Anyone who likes unpolished, straightforward heavy rock will immediately feel at home here.

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