The instrumental album relies on symmetry and brevity. Gus G. manages in an impressive way to center his guitar and replaces with her the role of the singer.

In addition, “Quantum Leap” does not simply tie in with older projects by the artist. Rather, it's a mix of older heavy metal tricks, that are reminiscent of FIREWIND, enriched with more power, new creative ideas and very own melodies. See for yourselfe : 

I didn't make Quantum Leap with the intention of it being the next one in the cycle of solo albums," Gus admits. "It was more of a case of, 'What else is there?' I needed the creative outlet."
Already the first track “Into The Unknown” presents itself in a new way, compared to older solo works of Gus G. In many parts the song is reminiscent of fast progressive rock, which invites you to groove along with its many nuances. The same applies to the single “Exosphere” and the focus track “Quantum Leap”.
The relaxed ballad “Enigma Of Life”, on the other hand, is completely detached of the prog-wave and leads the listener further into a varied and stylistically memorable work.
Wilder tracks like “Fierce” or “Judgment Day” flank the typical Metal that Gus G. fans love so much. And they are not the only fans of the Greek talent: "This album [...] is overflowing with red hot smoking guitar work and unrelenting metal spirit," enthuses Marty Friedman, himself a gifted guitarist.

“Quantum Leap” is crowned by “Force Majeure”, which, with the support of guitar star Vinnie Moor, fully expresses the elaborate handwork of Gus G.
If you can't get enough after the 11 short but crisp tracks, you can look forward to the bonus CD: It is a collection of live performances from the last tour and again provides the complicated guitar gymnastics that Gus G. is capable of.
Steve Morese (Deep Purble) also admits the talent without envy:
"Gus can play the very difficult, intense passages with no problem ... but what makes the album easy to listen to is that melodic themes are in every song, which allows the technical parts to be more striking."

The mixture of progressive rock elements, synth waves, new melodies and hard metal parts, makes “Quantum Leap” a real quantum leap in the scene.
The exceptional guitarist proves: “As an artist nowadays, you can basically do whatever you like and there's an audience out there for it. Instrumental music might not be a big seller, but everybody and can listen to anything, and there are no limits to what I can do."

Gus G. made a name for himself with Firewind, the band he initially launched as a solo project in 1998 that made its official debut in 2002. In that time the band has released nine albums, while Gus has also recorded and toured with Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage, Arch Enemy, Dream Evil and Ozzy Osbourne. He has also made inroads as a solo artist, having released three albums under his own name: I Am The Fire (2014), Brand New Revolution (2015), and Fearless (2018). He closes 2021 with a new instrumental solo effort, Quantum Leap, featuring 10 tracks that both showcase the playing style Gus is known for and takes fans into new territory.

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