SCHATTENMANN releasing "Choleriker"

The successful NDH-/Metal-newcomer SCHATTENMANN took a comparatively „long“ break after releasing their album „Licht An“ (2018) and the debut album for AFM „Epidemie“ (2019). Probably they had to cope with the fact that their second album entered Official German Album Charts on #32, before they could go back to normal.

While taking their timeout the German band around bandleader and mastermind Frank Herzig has been everything else, but not inactive. So the group is ready and raring to go again and has got a great new single onboard that comes along with a new videoclip to rough up the music scene.

The song Choleriker really is a very special milestone for the band – singer Frank explains why: „This single really means a lot to us and we are unusually nervous upfront this release. For the first time ever we created the video for a song all by ourselves. Name it… script, location, equipment, filming, and even the videoediting – all is 100% SCHATTENMANN and thus we are absolutley curious about the feedback on our new baby.“

With this song the band have got their fingers on the pulse of the age, Frank Herzig has got some detailed thoughts about that: „With this song we highlight an aspect of human, that probably everybody knows something about to a specific degree. It’s an issue, that we have to deal with, especially during a pandemic we live through at the moment. We often feel, that people are a lot more nervous, hitting the ceiling and their inhibition threshold seems to be lower. On top of that the rising number of domestic violence delicts during Covid-19 crisis, give cause for serious concerns and call for more reflection.“

Only one question remains open – what is there left to expect from SCHATTENMANN in the near future?

Watch the video „Choleriker“ here:

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