Chaos! From the opener to the final track, the new SCHATTENMANN records clearly shows one definite direction: forward to the limit! With their third album, the band around bandleader Frank Herzig makes it unmistakably clear that they have come to stay.  
“‘Chaos’ has us deliberately expand our sound to include modern and more original elements. We don't want to limit ourselves musically, but have included metal and industrial influences in our new material.”
Today the time has finally come: 'Chaos' is released! In addition to the long-awaited release of the new album, fans can also looking forward to a new official video clip of the single "Chaos":

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The song 'Choleriker' was released in advance. The second single 'Cosima' was released on June 25, 2021, followed by 'Abschaum' and 'Spring' with surprise guests Vito and Hannes from J.B.O. All 4 pre-singles have been expanded by 4 complex video productions, which to date have collected almost 400,000 views on YouTube.
‘Chaos’ will be the decisive third step in Schattenmann’s career, moving with unyielding consistency the essence of the new material into the focus of their uncompromising sound. Herzig: “Due to the fact that almost all new songs were composed on the guitar, the material sounds more metal-oriented, heavier, you could say: it’s more crash, bang, wallop!” The Schattenmann frontman is referring to numbers such as ‘Spring’ or ‘Alles auf Anfang’, but also to ‘Abschaum’ and ‘Chaos’ with their unmistakable metal roots, which contrast with a pop-oriented number like ‘Cosima’ and Schattenmann-typical tracks such as ‘Amnestie’ and ‘Extrem’.
In line with its musically harsher pace, the lyrics on ‘Chaos’ are also honest, direct and straight-in-your-face. “Socio-critical topics are nothing new for us, ‘Generation Sex’ and ‘Amok’ on our debut already touched on a number of sore points,” Herzig explains, “but this time the lyrics are even more focussed and direct. We question things, comment on negative developments, excesses, the underbelly of society, ranging from social deficiencies to self-hatred.” He is referring to tracks like ‘Cosima’ with its underlying question of whether love is still needed in the digital age.
“Chaos” is now HERE available!


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