Industrial dark rock / metal outfit SCHATTENMANN has announced the release of their upcoming, fourth studio album! Día De Muertos will be out on June 30, 2023 via AFM Records, the pre-sale will start on April 7th at THIS LOCATION!

Previously released singles like "Menschenhasser" and "Hände Hoch" have thrilled their loyal fan base and set the stage for the upcoming album. Now, the German four-piece has unleashed a new single taken of Día De Muertos entitled "Dickpic" (featuring Anna Lux!), a direct and blunt song that, as usual, deals with social and societal issues. As SCHATTENMANN frontman Frank Herzig comments: "It's unbelievable how many women get unsolicited dick pics and how widespread this topic is. Even criminal liability has hardly changed that. With our song we want to draw attention to this topic and show men who send this kind of pictures, that it's an absolute no-go!"

Chaos, the band's latest, much acclaimed album (2021, AFM Records), has already seen them unmistakably showcase: SCHATTENMANN's sound became heavier, more metallic, more multifaceted and uncompromising in terms of content. SCHATTENMANN has purposefully expanded their sound to include modern and enthralling elements through the influences of metal and industrial, and their upcoming offering won't make any exceptions.

With their unique sound and profound music, SCHATTENMANN has become one of the most promising bands in the German metal scene. Their new album Día De Muertos promises to take their fans on an even more intense journey and solidify their already strong presence in the world of heavy music!

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