SCHATTENMANN - Jeder ist schlecht

June 30, 2023 will see industrial dark rock and metal outfit, SCHATTENMANN, release their hotly-anticipated, fourth studio album, entitled Día de Muertos, via AFM Records. The pre-sale has just started at THIS LOCATION!

With their unique sound and profound music, SCHATTENMANN has become one of the most promising bands in the German metal scene. Chaos, the band's latest, much acclaimed album (2021, AFM Records), has already seen them unmistakably showcase: SCHATTENMANN's sound became heavier, more metallic, more multifaceted and uncompromising in terms of content. 

Following previously-released songs such as "Menschenhasser", "Hände Hoch" or just recently, "Dickpic", today, the four-piece has unleashed a music video for their blistering, new Fear Factory-esque single "Jeder Ist Schlecht" (engl: "Everyone is bad"). SCHATTENMANN frontman Frank Herzig reveals: "Everyone is bad", as the name suggests, is about the fact that no one can acquit themselves. Everyone has, if you dig deep enough, "dirt on the stick". Even if they may only be small sins of everyday life, such as gluttony, lust or greed. None of us are perfect, everyone is bad, and that's absolutely human."

With Día de MuertosSCHATTENMANN has purposefully expanded their sound to include modern and enthralling elements through the influences of metal and industrial, and their upcoming offering won't make any exceptions. The album promises to take their fans on an even more intense journey and solidify their already strong presence in the world of heavy music!

"On 'Día de Muertos', you will only find songs that get straight to the point without detours. Half-hearted ideas or even filler material is sought in vain here," says Herzig, who also produced and mixed the album.

"We sorted out a lot during the songwriting and kept only the very best tracks to present to the public. In this way, ten strong songs have been created that leave no questions unanswered."

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