ALTERIUM - Signing News

ALTERIUM, the new Italian power metal quintet led by Nicoletta Rosellini (ex. Kalidia, Walk in Darkness), has inked a worldwide deal with AFM Records / Soulfood Music!

Born in late 2022, ALTERIUM consists of Nicoletta and former bandmates Paolo Campitelli (guitars) and Dario Gozzi (drums) from Kalidia, soon joined by Alessandro Mammola (guitars, also in Draconicon) and Luca Scalabrin (bass, also in Altair).


Nicoletta says: “I am finally happy to present you Alterium, my new power metal adventure. In the past months, we have poured our hearts and souls into crafting a debut album that harmonizes captivating melodies, powerful guitar riffs, and thunderous drums. The result is a strong debut album that we are eagerly anticipating to share with all of you. We are also filled with enthusiasm to share the exciting news we joined forces with AFM Records! Our music and vision align perfectly with their understanding and belief, making this collaboration truly thrilling. We take immense pride in sharing the label's roster with an array of renowned exceptional bands.”


After the first contact with Nicoletta, we at AFM were immediately hooked. Alterium is uncompromising power metal paired with a powerful voice performed by a powerful woman!” Jochen Richert, CEO at Soulfood Music, comments. “Nicoletta, well remembered by many fans as Kalidia's front woman, is bursting with energy and this is fully expressed on their debut album. It was clear from the start that we would embark on a journey together. We are absolutely convinced of the success of Alterium, so we will bring in all our label power.”


After Kalidia parted ways, Nicoletta decided to take a different approach and finally unleashes her whole potential as both a singer and a songwriter. Under the guidance of producer Lars Rettkowitz (Freedom Call), ALTERIUM have finished the recordings of a bombastic debut album. The band's first full-length will also feature a cover of the Sabaton classic “Bismarck”. Watch out for ALTERIUM, when they will take the power metal scene by storm with a triumph of powerful sounds, big riffs, explosive drums, majestic choirs and captivating grooves!



Nicoletta Rosellini – vocals
Paolo Campitelli – guitars
Alessandro Mammola – guitars
Luca Scalabrin – bass
Dario Gozzi – drum

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