BLOODBOUND and AFM extend long-term deal / Vinyl releases of early albums next!

Swedish power metal band BLOODBOUND has gathered an impressive following since the band debuted on the scene in 2006 with “Nosferatu”. In 2011, BLOODBOUND joined the AFM Records roster and since became more and more successful with every new release. 
BLOODBOUND and AFM now proudly announce the continuation of their long-term relationship.

The band’s early albums “Book Of The Dead” and “Unholy Cross” will now finally see the release on Vinyl: both titles are limited to 300 units each (“Unholy Cross” in yellow, “Book Of The Dead” in clear (double) Vinyl) and out on March 30th.
Also, the band’s latest, chartbreaking studio album “War Of Dragons” saw its 2nd Vinyl edition earlier this year, being available on red/yellow splatter Vinyl now (also limited to 300 units).

Bloodbound’s Fredrik Bergh comments:
"We are very happy to have extended our contract with AFM Records. We feel they are the perfect labels for us. AFM have a love for our kind of music and they give us artistic freedom. Unlike other labels they let us do what we wanna do, without trying to change the formula. We are continuously growing as a band and last year AFM did a stellar job putting "War Of Dragons" in the album charts in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. We are looking forward to taking Bloodbound to the next level together with AFM Records!"

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