to release "World Of Silence MMXVII" on January 27th!

‘World Of Silence MMXVII’ is an entirely re-recorded and remixed version of the debut album by Canadian progressive power metal band BOREALIS. Originally released in 2008, this 2016 remix now sees these songs officially made available through a label for the very first time! The diehard fanbase surely will be amazed by the massive improvement on sound and performance over the original recordings. ‘World Of Silence MMXVII’ is a must have for all prog power metal lovers!

Check out the re-recorded version of "Midnight City" here.

We were in talks with AFM about re-releasing ‘World Of Silence’ when we suddenly thought “why not re-record the entire album for this occasion?”, BOREALIS singer/guitarist Matt Marinelli says.
“It was originally self-released in 2008. A lot has happened since then. The band has evolved a lot and two more albums were released in 2011’s ‘Fall From Grace’ and 2015’s ‘Purgatory’. So making this re-issue of ‘World Of Silence’ a representation of what BOREALIS is about in 2017 made sense for us. We are in the fortunate position that our drummer Sean Dowell runs his own studio, so recording, mixing/mastering didn’t cause any problems for us in this case.”

After finishing work on ‘World Of Silence MMXVII’, BOREALIS has two more exciting projects for 2017:
in April, the band will re-release their 2011 album ‘Fall From Grace’ via AFM and has already continued songwriting for their upcoming studio album with all new material, which will drop in Autumn 2017.

"World Of Silence MMXVII" Tracklisting:

01. Lost Voices
02. Midnight City
03. From The Fading Screams
04. Forget The Past
05. Eyes Of A Dream
06. World Of Silence
07. The Afterlife
08. Divine Answer
09. The Dawning Light
10. Black Rose


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