CRYSTAL VIPER new album “Tales Of Fire And Ice” out in november

AFM Records is stoked to announce the brand new Crystal Viper Album “Tales Of Fire And Ice”, released on November 22nd, 2019

CRYSTAL VIPER is a female fronted heavy metal act from Poland, founded by the singer, guitarist and composer, Marta Gabriel.

While the band is often labeled as an NWOTHM act (new wave of traditional heavy metal), their new album, "Tales Of Fire And Ice", presents a bit different approach. New songs are heavier, more intense, but first of all: more melodic.

The album will be available as a CD, limited edition vinyl LP and digital download, the cover photo was taken by the famous Belgian photographer Tim Tronckoe, known for his cooperation with acts such as NIGHTWISH, DELAIN or EPICA.

CD and digital version of the album will include a bonus track in the shape of a DOKKEN cover "Dream Warriors" (originally recorded for "A Nightmare On Elm Street 3" movie), while the vinyl LP version will include CRYSTAL VIPER's rendition of the I-TEN song "Alone", mainly known as the power ballad recorded by HEART!

Track listing:
01. Prelude
02. Still Alive
03. Crystal Sphere
04. Bright Lights
05. Neverending Fire
06. Interlude
07. Under Ice
08. One Question
09. Tomorrow Never Comes (Dyatlov Pass)
10. Tears Of Arizona
11. Dream Warriors (CD bonus track)
11. Alone (LP bonus track)

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