D-A-D „A Prayer For The Loud“ is out NOW“!

The new album harks back to the core of what D-A-D does better than most: four guys who play thrilling rock music with ferocious energy, catchy songs and an infectious commitment. 'A Prayer For The Loud’ has a clear musical link to classic D-A-D albums such as ‘No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims’ and ‘Riskin’ It All’.

Frontman Jesper Binzer says: “Most of all we are proud that we have nailed 11 awesome tracks that are based on where we are right now. We are not shooting in the dark here – this is straight from the heart.”
Enjoy this super strong new studio album by Denmark's best rock band and check here the single "Burning Star"

01 - Burning Star
02 - A Prayer For The Loud
03 - Nothing Ever Changes
04 - The Sky Is Made Of Blues
05 - The Real Me
06 - No Doubt About It
07 - A Drug For The Heart
08 - Musical Chairs
09 - Time Is A Train
10 - Happy Days In Hell
11 - If The World Just

AD 610 C APFTL 600x600


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