When you talk about Thrash Metal from Brazil, probably Sepultura is the first name that comes to mind. Then maybe Sarcofago get a mention. But in recent years, one of the lonest-running Thrash bands of South America has made impact on the European scene as well: KORZUS. Founded in 1983, the band is around for more than 30 years now.
In 2010 KORZUS for the first time in their career really got the deserved recognition outside of South America. The band signed with AFM Records, released “Discipline Of Hate” (arguably their best album until then) and went on European tour with Ektomorf. It took a while, but now KORZUS are finally back with their new piece of work, titled “Legion”. Many things on the new record are classic Thrash, but presented in an up-to-date way. Skullcrushing, intense, authentic - KORZUS deliver the kind of material that perfectly works in the live situation. “Legion” again raises the bar in the band’s career and will make Thrash maniacs all over the world scream for more.

KORZUS is without a doubt one of the essential names in Brazilian Heavy Metal history. Formed in 1983 and bringing a respectable discography including six studio albums, two live and one DVD, the band was able to make their Thrash Metal activities echo throughout the four corners of the world over the past twenty five years.
After their acclaimed albums “Mass Illusion” (1991) and “KZS” (1995), were respectively accompanied by tours in Europe and the United States, it was with the work of “Ties Of Blood” (2004), in which KORZUS offered one of their greatest and potent recordings. On this first full-lenght album with guitarist Heros Trench and drumer Rodrigo Oliveira, the band presented a true audio massacre together with fourteen tracks including a guest appearances of great names in Brazilian Metal such as Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Andre Matos (ex-Shaman, Angra and Viper), João Gordo and Boka (Ratos de Porão). The experience and mastery of the founding members Marcello Pompeu (Vocals), Silvio Golfetti (Guitar) and Dick Siebert (Bass) allied with the new blood of Heros and Rodrigo, they were able to make “Ties Of Blood” turn out to be one of the greatest Brazilian releases of 2004, succeeding songs such as “Guilty Silence”, “Screaming for Death” and “Evil Sight”, while uniquely mixing the style of Old School Thrash Metal from the Bay Area and Europe while cloaking them in something more modern and agressive.

Incessantly touring since the release of “Ties Of Blood”, the band was able to gain a number of fans where they like it most: on stage. The energy KORZUS emits live is impressive and contaminates anyone who is around it while guiding a true mass by using heavy riffs, aggressive vocals and powerful drumming. A KORZUS show is an individual experience that any Metal fan will remember before they list their “All time top 5 live acts”.

The guitarist Silvio Golfetti left the band in the beginning of 2008 leaving the space for the claws, technique and creativity of Antonio Araujo (ex-ChaoSphere), that fit perfectally and brought new energies to this actual fase of KORZUS. This fact began a great change in the band and with a new planned direction, KORZUS was able to close large commercial deals. One important step forward was the decision of JAGERMEISTER deciding to invest in the band and make KORZUS the first JAGERBAND from Brazil, joining international bands such as SLAYER, EPICA, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, etc... Another step was a contract with MEGA ENERGY (www.megaenergydrink.com.br). Both brands are always present at the bands shows.

Invigorated and anxious from their new material, the band worked on new compositions and began recording a new studio album in 2009, which turned out to become “Discipline Of Hate”. The press in this case shared the band’s opinion, hailing it as their best, m ost heavy and most professional release so far.
After touring Europe with Ektomorf in support of the album, the Brazilian cult band now finally returns with “Legion”, one of the finest Thrash records of 2014 soo far.

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