SINBREED don’t just play around… the band’s brand new (third) studio album, titled “Master Creator”, delivers a full dose of gutsy melodic speed metal.
It doesn’t come as a surprise that the German group feat. Blind Guardian drummer Frederik Ehmke and vocalist Herbie Langhans (Avantasia) offers a great blend of furious, traditional Teutonic metal though. SINBREED’s latest album “Shadows” was released in April 2014, their debut ”When Worlds Collide” even dates back to 2010. So hearing a brand new, fresh and inspired “master creation” by the band that quickly, will pleasantly be welcomed by the metal scene.

“Master Creator” indeed showcases a masterful performance, presenting SINBREED more varied and sapid than ever before, while maintaining their trademarks: Typical tracks such as „Creation Of Reality“ or the furious title song with their upbeat, straight-forward, melodic power speed sound are still present in heaps, but this time are accompanied by more atmospheric (“Moonlit Night”) and progressive (“The Riddle”) tracks - even a piano-driven power ballad by the name of “At The Gate” can be found on “Master Creator”.

Mix and mastering again was handled by the band’s longtime-engineer Markus Teske (Bazement studios), who also worked with Vanden Plas, Saga and Mob Rules, just to name a few. Among the many aces up their sleeve, SINBREED vocalist Herbie Langhans is an integral part of the band’s identity. His rough, powerful organ fits SINBREED’s sound perfectly and is of international caliber. Guitar player Marcus Siepen (Blind Guardian) just recently left the band. On their upcoming live shows (and until further notice), SINBREED will therefore perform as a four-piece.

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