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‘Whisky Fingers‘ is the highly-anticipated fourth studio album by classic hard rockers VOODOO CIRCLE, following 2013’s ‚More Than One Way Home‘ which became a chart success in several European countries. Very soon, ‘Whisky Fingers’ will be named as the group’s highlight release, as for sure it marks VOODOO CIRCLE’s most versatile and consequent release to date. Right away with the opening track ‚Trapped In Paradise‘ (which will also be the first single) the duel of guitars and Hammond organ makes classic rock fans cry out in joy. The successive 10 tracks then cover the whole spectrum; from the eventful ‚Watch And Wait (I Got My Eye On You)‘ to energetic hard rock as in ‚Medicine Man‘ and ‚Straight Shooter‘, the stunning ballad ‚The Day The Walls Came Down‘, Rainbow-like anthems (‚Heart Of Stone‘) and yearningly-bluesy tracks (‚The Rhythm Of My Heart‘) it’s all here - and all executed in a perfect way.

Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise though: VOODOO CIRCLE are known for their masterful skills and awaking the spirit of the 70’s and 80’s hard rock icons. VOODOO CIRCLE just recently announced drummer Francesco Jovino (Primal Fear, ex-U.D.O.) as new member, as well as new keyboard player Alessandro del Vecchio. This adds another very interesting facet to the band’s identity as del Vechhio not only is a first class musician, but also a fantastic sound engineer (MelodicRock.com ‘producer of the year’). Therefore it was a no-brainer that he would handle mix and mastering of ‘Whisky Fingers’. Not enough: this gifted gentleman also has a great voice, so Alessandro even contributes vocals to some tracks - just listen to ‚Trapped In Paradise‘ or ‚Been Said And Done‘, where he sings  duet with David Readman.
Speaking of Readman, it comes close to a miracle that he exceeded himself once more on the new album. But heart and soul of the VOODOO CIRCLE for sure is and will always be the man on the guitar, Mr. Alex Beyrodt. A man respected and valued for his virtuosic yet tasteful and song-oriented playing, who once again put on a hell of a performance on ‘Whisky Fingers’. In the end it’s him who unites the collective and forges it to a unit. The band is surely aware of the fact that expectations are huge for ‘Whisky Fingers’. But there’s no need to be overmodest: all fans of high-class rock sounds can look forward to this masterpiece release!

VOODOO CIRCLE was founded in 2008 by Alex Beyrodt. The selt-titled debut album was unleashed in December of the very same year, 2011 ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ followed and secured the band’s first chart success in Germany, as well as a headlining tour in support of the release. ‘More Than One Way Home’ was released in 2013 and cracked the charts in several European countries. After their headlining tour, VOODOO CIRCLE then got the opportunity to play with rock legends Uriah Heep on their 12 German shows in late 2014.

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