Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy (Re-Release)

Release: Nov. 24th, 2017

“The Dark Discovery” – the debut album – originally released in 1998 and “Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy”, which was its first launch in 1999, already showcase the unique EVERGREY sound which merges power-, progressive- and dark melodic metal to create the very own sound the band is known for. These two albums have not been available for a long time and steady fans requests were pushing for a re-release. In fact, now both “The Dark Discovery” and “Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy” will be available for the first time ever on Vinyl and as digital download! A Digipak CD version is available too of course. These re-issues come with an exclusive bonus track each and with new cover- and booklet layouts, created by Carlos Fides (Artside Studios). Both albums have been remastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Pretty Maids).

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