Emil Bulls

Kill Your Demons

Release: Sept. 29, 2017

EMIL BULLS return with their ninth studio album ‘KILL YOUR DEMONS’ on September 29th 2017, offering a synergy of enrapturing melodies, grinding guitar riffs and pulsating vibes which transcend genre. With more than 20 years of band history behind them; EMIL BULLS have remained true to their distinctive brash attitude and their gritty, creative style. Their recipe: remaining true to the well defined spirit of the band whilst pushing the boundaries of today’s metal scene.

EMIL BULLS have the underground scene deeply rooted in heart - one of their distinctive traits. Coming off the back of their success with the last album, Sacrifice to Venus, having reached 6 in the Media Control Album-Charts; EMIL BULLS are again breaking new ground with, ‘KILL YOUR DEMONS’. Without compromise they are ready to engage you in their mission: KILL YOUR DEMONS! Entwining, harrowing beats and wistful melodies. Their goal being, to challenge anything in life, that could possibly knock you off your feet. Be prepared, for even harder riffs and more savage breakdowns.
The overarching theme of the album is aptly mirrored by the haunting artworks of Korean artist, Shin Kwangho and the German, Markus Arnold. KILL YOUR DEMONS was produced by Benny Richter who previously worked on the albums ‘The Black Path’, ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Oceanic’. With Florian Nowak (DailyHero Studios, Berlin; ‘Sacrifice to Venus’) responsible for the mixes.

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