Letzte Instanz


Release: Oct. 29th, 2021

1. Ehrenwort
2. Entzündet die Feuer
3. Du bist nicht verloren
4. Unsere Fahnen
5. In Deiner Spur
6. Illusion
7. Retter der Träume
8. Meine Welt
9. Santa Aurelia
10. Vogelfrei
11. Fels in der Brandung
12. Bis zum letzten Tag
13. Zeig uns Dein Licht



Once again the time for intense “Brachialromantik” (= brachial romanticism) is nigh! German-rocking LETZTE INSTANZ will release “Ehrenwort”, their 14th album by now, on September 10, 2021. Even in the 23rd year since the band's founding, the sextet has not tired of putting out – this time they present 13 new songs which are more than a statement: They comprise a vow, a promise - one for life, friendship and a common future! A binding word of honour, an “Ehrenwort”.

“In a time of splintered, drifting opinions and increasingly polarizing divisions to black and white viewpoints, we put a strong emphasis on very important core values such as 'friendship', 'community' and 'cohesion'”, the band states.

Not an easy journey, made even more arduous due to the Corona pandemic. But LETZTE INSTANZ remained steadfast in their approach: They recorded in the Principal Studios with producer Jörg Umbreit. “Naturally under all applicable rules and with respective negative tests - a matter of distance as well as grace”, singer Holly Loose describes the recording sessions. 

“Ehrenwort” is a tremendous album which showcases all the band's unique hallmarks. The record sparkles with emotion, yet rests in a grounded charm, always driven by the human condition. Each of its extremely varied songs touches deeply, brims with sophistication, craftsmanship and great sound. Never before the band was so on point, never before did those unparalleled vocals put the listener in such an intense grip. Because in contrast to their previous output, LETZTE INSTANZ has tried to match each song’s attitude vocally, which leads to a fantastic listening experience.

Apart from this new approach, “Ehrenwort” is bursting with hits. After all, the band knows like no other how to make their trademarks shine through catchy song structures: As soon as those rocking guitar riffs ring out, mighty drums ignite and the liaison with romantic violin and cello comes to fruition, the time for said “Brachialromantik” has come!

LETZTE INSTANZ celebrate this approach from the first second of “Ehrenwort” to its last. A return to their origins was already a given for the band even before the recording process started. Holly: "For ‘Ehrenwort’ it was our premise to go back to the roots. At the same time, we wanted to stay true to our credo 'Brachialromantik' - I think we succeeded and did that pretty well.”

Now, after more than two decades of exciting band history, LETZTE INSTANZ is on the verge of the climax of their work. With an album that gives courage and hope in uncertain and troubling times. After all, this is “the most hopeful album the band has ever produced.” They promise this. They give us their “Ehrenwort”.

LETZTE INSTANZ give a first taste of the upcoming album with the release of the first single, the title track “Ehrenwort”.


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