Schreib' es mit Blut

Release: July 08, 2016

17 years after the release of their debut album, TANZWUT will put out their 10th studio album „Schreib Es Mit Blut“ on July 8th in Europe and on August 19th in the US. The title „Schreib Es Mit Blut“ associates with Goethe’s Faust and the pact with the devil. But as Mephistopheles said: „I am a part of that force. The Evil ever do, and ever does the Good.“ And TANZWUT do very good with their 14 new songs! German medieval rock at its best – catchy melodies, bagpipes, hard guitar riffs and german lyrics. First festival appearance in 2016 will be at the RockHarz Festival in Ballenstedt (Germany) on July 9th to celebrate the album release properly. Besides other festival dates a club tour in Autumn will follow. 

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