Release: Sep. 24th, 2021

01 Das Album Intro
02 Dreh Auf!
03 20 km/h
04 N!CE
05 Schreibwarenfachverkäufer
06 Läuft
07 Jump 'n' Run
08 Sprich Sie Einfach An
09 Meine Finger Sind Zu Klein
10 Piks Mich
11 Metal
12 Angriff Der Dönerteller
13 Letzter Song



The smallest and crispiest band of Berlin returns.

After a long break WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER are going back to their roots. The band is complete again, because: Tobi is back!

Finally! Together with Marcel Neumann the most controversial duo of metal is reunited again. That needs to be celebrated. For years the band tried their luck with real music. But those days are over now. Their new record will be „Das Album“ (engl. „The Album“).

An album which proves once more, that creative naming is just not their thing. Anyhow, this puts it in a nutshell.

It’s DAS ALBUM by WBTBWB. If you want believe the bands statements, this record will be a "Smoothie for your ears".

Lyrically, as usual, the band going the whole hog again. Songs like "Meine Finger sind zu klein", "Läuft" or "20 km/h" do not leave a lot of space for interpretation. Tobias Schultka, big football fan, states: "It's like these 3 song would be whipping a perfect cross in the middle and then "Schreibwarenfachverkäufer" is heading the ball into the goal." Marcel Neumann: "If there wasn't offside". 13 tracks that in total still make a better lovestory than Twilight are waiting to be experienced.

Emo-haircuts had to give way to receding harlines. Daytime-recordings in the children's rooms became night sessions after work. But it seem if this was the secret formula once more, to give WBTBWB their signature sound.

After "Monster aus dem Schrank", "Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging", "Goldkinder" and "Wieder Geil!", which even entered German charts, now we are awaiting the follow-up and fifth studio-album. The sound is most likely the heaviest, that WBTBWB ever presented. Mixing and mastering has been in the hands of none other than Christoph Wieczorek (Annisokay, Emil Bulls and many more)

Let’s face it. They are back, and they are loud.


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