Iron Allies

Blood In Blood Out

Release: October 21st, 2022

Sometimes, there are constellations where you just know immediately: This is hitting the nail on the head! The perfect match! Like Herman Frank and David Reece! Which takes us right into the topic at hand: Iron Allies, the new band of the two esteemed rock/metal gladiators who both once played with Accept, albeit at different times. Herman Frank and David Reece are the classic combination of song-writing guitarist and first-rate lyricist cum singer, a combination that, more than once, has caused a stir in music history. Their debut album ‘Blood In Blood Out’ will be released on October 21st. As Herman Frank comments: “This record cannot be compared to anything David or I have produced in our past. It’s at the same time standing on its own, while sounding like it came from the one and the same mold. You could say: the two of us have sought and found each other!”

Speaking of which: After these two exceptional musicians had known each other for a very long time, sparks really started to fly during Frank`s visit to Piacenca, where Reece is living. “We hit it off right away because David – like me – is not only an old warhorse, but a total music lover. It’s only with this unswerving passion for music that you can last as long as we have in this shark tank. I love David`s voice, that unique blend of metal, rock and blues. Also, he’s an awesome lyricist and as a US-American he obviously has a much greater range of vocabulary than non-English-speaking singers. 

It`s this perfect blend of powerful song-writing and eloquent content that sets the debut album ‘Blood In Blood Out’ apart, from first to last note. The pre-release single (complete with video) ‘Full Of Surprises’ comes as an opener that fully lives up to that title. As Frank puts it: “The unusual triplet beat, the guitar work I can put my soul into, combined with David's distinctive voice that is always full of melody and never just screaming – this surprising mix serves as the perfect appetizer for our album.” The title track, embodying the philosophy of this new formation, is also released as a single – perfectly highlighted with its Lyric-plus-Video. “In a way, ‘Blood In Blood Out’ is the motto of Iron Allies. This band was formed as a blood brotherhood, and no one gets out of here without shedding blood,” Herman Frank explains tongue-in-cheek. Their third single/video is going to be the powerful ‘Destroyers Of The Night’.

You can tell that what belongs together comes together here. Namely: years of experience, impeccable artistic skills, inspired song-writing and a personal environment that fully lives up to the descriptive band name. With drummer Francesco Jovino, bassist Malte Burkert and rhythm guitarist Mike Pesin, Frank and Reece have gathered like-minded forces around them. Also, all recordings took place in the renowned ´Horus Sound Studio` in Hanover with co-producer Arne Neurand. The record was mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward. Herman Frank says: “We left nothing to chance, all positions were perfectly cast.”

Iron Allies are more than sure that this concept will also convince concert organizers, tour promoters and especially their fans. Because, as Frank puts it: “People love strong characters, they want to see real men, not little boys. Iron Allies is made up of old school knights and ‘Blood In Blood Out’ provides the perfect soundtrack for that!” 

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