We Butter The Bread With Butter

So what did you expect to read now? WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER are chasing after trends?
The innocent audacity is gone.

What once grew with a child-like mind quickly got dead serious. The monster from the closet turned into a premature child of gold („Goldkind“) that had to learn quickly up there is a ceiling made of concrete. Scratching at it is only fun as long as you`re patient enough to play with the big boys.
It was youthful recklessness that led to the wrong impression a fatal journey through the depths of major label industry would add to the band construct. Now thoughtfulness and focus on art itself gives the Berlin-based act the strength again to show modern metal from its most intriguing side.

So sit down and relax.

„Wieder Geil!“ finally showcases the German fourpiece they way it always wanted to be perceived. Forceful and equipped with the bounce of all bounces. Fans of the first albums felt irritated when confronted with „Goldkinder“. With opus number four on the other hand, WBTBWB easily prove what shining gems they really are. For the first time ever singer Paul Bartzsch makes use of the full, gigantic range of his voice. Not in the least because songwriter, guitarist and producer Marcel Neumann is playing in his hands – with a set of straight aces. And the band has decided to write lyrics in German – and in English too. Where is it all going to end?

Silly question. It`s all going to end in the hands of Daniel Haniß. The guitar player of trancecore veterans Eskimo Callboy turned „Wieder Geil!“ – a diamond in the rough – into pure perfection in the mix.
We live in a mostly good world, maybe even a beautiful one. But is it geil? WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER make sure of that!

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