Letzte Instanz

German rock band LETZTE INSTANZ is one of the country’s most important ambassadors for ambitious artistic impression.
Unlike groups such as Rammstein, LETZTE INSTANZ don’t rely on brute force, but give the listener food for thought - wrapped in a tasteful environment of guitar, bass, drums, violin and cello. No matter if you call it rock, alternative or gothic: the band has established a very unique sound.
Going strong for two decades now and increasing the fan following steadily, “Liebe Im Krieg” marks a turning point for LETZTE INSTANZ. This new piece of work is their first for AFM and the band has managed to write more accessible songs this time, without lacking the depth and finesse that LETZE INSTANZ is known for. The band has played 600 concerts in Western Europe, Russia and China, which makes them one of the most experienced German live acts.

Live Concerts

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