DEAF RAT - Modern hard rock meets 80ies mega hit

With more than 180 Mio. streams, it’s one of the most streamed songs in the world – but the Swedish hard rockers took the challenge and created something that sounded like DEAF RAT AND the original track. 

While waiting for the world to open up for live shows to happen again, the band is releasing a cover version of the classic Madonna hit "Like A Prayer".

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Vocalist Frankie Rich states: „I always treat other artists' creations and work with great respect. It’s important to understand the song and understand the work behind it before you start taking things apart. On a well-produced song like this, all details on the recording are there for a reason, and they are all played in a certain way for a reason. The biggest challenge for us was to find a way to create something that sounded like Deaf Rat, while keeping much of the parts that the vocals and instruments play on the original track.“

DEAF RAT released the album "Ban The Light" in late 2019 through AFM Records which received great reviews from the metal press. In October 2020 their released their latest single "Within The Dead Souls".

DEAF RAT is the band that fills up the cracks in the ageing concrete between old school and modern hard rock. Lead vocalist Frankie Rich and guitarists Pat Kramer and Max Lander spent the last eight years together touring Europe in minivans without air condition, sleeping on the floors of fans' apartments and sometimes even living in their recording studio to afford production costs for tours and albums.

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