The journey continues: The modern metal band "A LIFE DIVIDED" releases  their fourth single "Life Goes On" from the upcoming album "DOWN THE SPIRAL OF A SOUL", which will be released on July 07 via AFM Records/Soulfood Music, today. 

The heavy rock anthem is a very personal song for singer Plangger: "The song is an advice to my son not to take things too hard. I wish he always manages to break out of the hamster wheel of life, to question the big and small problems sometimes and not to take everything too seriously. Many problems become smaller when we manage to pause regularly and simply zoom out of our everyday cosmos".

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A LIFE DIVIDED, often referred to as the "German Linkin Park", was founded in 2003. The band around singer Jürgen Plangger (also guitarist for Eisbrecher) has TOP 40 album chart placements, several million streams, plays sold out headlining gigs and has been on tour with other scene greats like Oomph!, Apocalyptica and Mono Inc. 

The new album was recorded in the band's own studios by musical mastermind Erik Damköhler, with mixing and mastering by Christoph Wieczorek (Annisokay) of Sawdust Studios.

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